Social Media MarketingTwitter Opens Up Applications for Professional Profiles, a New Option for Brands...

Twitter Opens Up Applications for Professional Profiles, a New Option for Brands and Creators

Twitter takes it to the next level with new professional profiles by Open option for all companies, with apps now open to access the new profile view.

As you can see in this sequence, businesses and professional users (including creators) can now apply via Who is this For a new professional Twitter profile, which will then display their business information on their profile page, with the option to include a “Shop” or “Newsletter” module for those with a Revue newsletter.

Professional Twitter Profile Module Options

It’s a bit tricky at the moment, professional users are unable to manually edit their “about” information once it has been submitted (you need to resubmit the application form to change the information displayed). But it’s still another important step for Twitter, which could open up a host of opportunities.

as explained Twitter:

“We know that people are coming to Twitter to interact with brands and engage in conversations about products and services. All this demand gives us confidence in the power of combining real-time conversation with enhanced features for professionals to better control and enhance their Twitter identity.”

Twitter has been testing its professional profiles since April, with select brands participating in the initial beta program. Twitter then started inviting more businesses to sign up earlier this month and is now looking to move on to the next stage, where all professionals and businesses can now apply for the new presentation tools.

In addition to the new profile options, Twitter also notes that professional accounts are:

“…a gateway to a wide range of professional tools not available to non-professionals, including Twitter ads, quick merchandising, advanced profile features, and our future efforts around shopping.”

This last component is perhaps the most important, as Twitter is developing its own e-commerce tools to provide more ways for brands to sell their products while broadcasting.

Indeed, Twitter conducts a range of shopping experiences, from profiles and individual tweets, and this could become an increasingly relevant option, particularly as other platforms develop their own e-commerce offerings, leading to more casual buying behaviors within social apps.

And while there are three additional modules for the professional profile available at the moment, Twitter is working on others, with several add-ons that could provide more promotional opportunities for brands.

Twitter Professional Profile Modules

New details can also provide more search and discovery capacity, with business category, Location and opening hours provide more ideas to help Twitter improve communication and facilitation efforts.

The question then is whether Twitter will eventually change its approach to professional profiles to limit access to tweets, as Facebook has done with its business pages. Ultimately, Facebook reduced Pages’ reach in order to ensure it was showing users more content from friends in their feeds, in line with user demand – which, at the same time, also prompted more companies to spend more money on ads, in order to complete dwindling. Reach their audience on Facebook.

Twitter may be looking to do the same, with separate pro ratings and regular profiles facilitating all the new options on this front. It seems unlikely that it will be the focus of Twitter, especially since brands have now been on the platform for so long (which reduces the argument that they are disrupting engagement). But still, it would technically be feasible, which could be another consideration in your approach to submitting an update request.

Then again, Twitter can also, eventually, make it mandatory for brands to make the switch, and with simplified access to the platform’s various business analytics and promotion tools, there are ways Twitter can incentivize brands to refresh, and that could very well be valuable in This connection.

It’s hard to decide now, but for those who want to switch, you can now apply for a Twitter Professional profile via Who is this. Twitter says it will expand access to the option Over the next month.


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