Affiliate MarketingMeet Steven Ridzyowski, a business mogul behind multiple 7-figure companies

Meet Steven Ridzyowski, a business mogul behind multiple 7-figure companies

The e-commerce industry has recently expanded as a new way to spend, earn and invest money. Today, the industry continues to rise in popularity. The pandemic has boosted demand for and use of e-commerce.

With physical stores closing, many businesses have moved to e-commerce. It was one of the only ways to survive. Stephen Redzewski He is among those who have been able to see the potential in this rising platform, and use it to catapult himself to financial success.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2007, Redzewski worked in different fields and tried different ways to get there. His trial-and-error approach and extensive experience make him highly knowledgeable in the e-commerce industry. While balancing out two other jobs, Ridzyowski started his own business in his sophomore year of high school.

Starting with affiliate marketing, Ridzyowski sold ringtones and made his first six numbers at the age of 19, a feat not many expected to achieve until his mid-30s. Ridzyowski then moved on to selling skin care products. He even launched his own skincare brand, which managed to make him a million dollars. All this he achieved at the age of 21.

These days, Ridzyowski’s main focus is in two regions: e-commerce and his marketing agency. Rydzewski‘s The marketing agency is located in Miami, Florida, and in just the last two years, it has managed to make over $10 million. These numbers become even more impressive once you realize that all of this was done during the height of the pandemic. Currently, he manages a team of over 30 people with over 100 clients spread across several e-commerce platforms.

Furthermore, he is a member of the Forbes Business Council and the Young Entrepreneur Council. These titles and memberships are the result of many accomplishments such as dealing with more than 100 customers during the pandemic.

Ridzyowski is moving forward and expanding his business. He’s launching his new project, called, where the main focus is on connecting buyers and sellers for e-commerce stores.

main part of redzewskIIts success is driven by customer satisfaction. Refunds are made to any customer who is not satisfied with their services. However, it takes a step forward. Ridzyowski believes that nothing is ever “perfect” and that he is constantly in touch with his clients in search of new and better ways to help improve their business.

When it comes to words of advice, the e-commerce mogul says time management is crucial, and one of the main issues he faces is not having enough time. He also advises everyone on the importance of moving forward. Even though you may fall, fail, or have difficult issues, the key is to keep moving forward.

With an incredible goal to turn his company into a multibillion dollar corporation, Ridzyowski has set high standards for himself. With hard and smart work, he says, anything can be possible.


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