AdvertisementCurry’s 3-Point Bonanza Has Golden State Bouncing Back

Curry’s 3-Point Bonanza Has Golden State Bouncing Back

Stephen Curry Goes 40, Golden State Warriors Top League: We’re talking about 2016 or so, right? No, try 2021.

After many fans moved out of the Warriors era to contemplate potential dynasties from LeBron James and the Lakers or Giannis Antikonmo and the Bucks, Golden State came back early this season behind Curry’s record.

On Thursday night, Curry earned nine three-pointers and 40 points as the Warriors improved to a league best 13-2 with a 104-89 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Warriors entered the fourth quarter down 13. No problem for Curry, who had 20 points in the period and helped his team outperform Cleveland by 36-8 for a win away.

Starting around 2015 or 2016, Curry, who was already a great 3-point shooter, seemed to nearly break the game in a torrent of 3 seconds, many of them very deep, leading his team to five consecutive finals, including his last in 2018.

But Curry missed most of the 2019-20 season with a broken left hand. Although he bounced back last season, averaging 32 points per game, the team didn’t, and missed the playoffs. Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala left in 2019, and injuries cost Klay Thompson more than two full seasons. It seems the golden years of the Golden State are over.

However, at 33, Curry helped turn the team around all the way this year.

Continuous development of Jordan Paul (17 points per game, up 5 from last season), outstanding Draymond Green defense, rebounding (eight points per game) and passing (eight assists per game) and another strong season from Andrew Wiggins (18 points per gallon) are all part of the emission. But Carrie really deserves a great deal of credit.

In his first 15 games, Curry already had three attempts of 40 points and a 50 pointer against Atlanta earlier this month. Thursday night was his fourth game with nine three-pointers. At 29.5 points per game, he leads the race for his third scoring title.

Carrie is indisputably the best 3-point shooting game in the history of the game. Although he maxed out at nine this year, in his career he has 22 matches with 3-digit doubles; The second-best player is Thompson, with a score of only five.

Carey didn’t walk away from the shot. Early in his career, about a third of his shots came from outside the arc. That increased to 50 percent and eventually 60 percent in his early years. This season, 65 percent of his shots are all out of 3, which would be the highest of his career. His 85 three-pointers made him top of the league by 20.

Oh, he also hit 96 percent of his free throws.

Curry is also selective about his shot, in favor of the team. He’s keen to avoid the statistician’s scariest shot, Long 2, which has a low score but without the bonus point 3 offers.

After a few early seasons taking about 30 percent of his shots from over 16 feet in a two-point area, Curry lowered that number to about 10 percent of his shots in his peak years. Last season, he only fired 7 percent of his shots from that area, and this season he nearly gave up his long shots, taking them only 3.5 percent of the time.

The sheer number of his triples seems to make up for a slightly smaller percentage of the long run; He’s made 42 percent this season, the second lowest mark of his career in an entire season and down from the 45 percent or so he shot at his peak.

It is also possible that the number is a bit low due to the sample size. If Curry sinks more than 3 seconds, as it seems he can, he could really improve this season. And with Thompson finally training again after his injury nightmare, the team could soon improve, too.


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