AdvertisementBiden Admin Plans Free COVID Tests, Which Psaki Recently Dismissed

Biden Admin Plans Free COVID Tests, Which Psaki Recently Dismissed

  • Biden plans to offer 500 million free COVID test kits, NPR and WSJ report.
  • Click on Sec. Psaki recently dismissed the idea sarcastically at a press conference.
  • Free at-home testing is an essential part of many countries’ virus strategy.

President Joe Biden plans to announce Tuesday that 500 million free at-home COVID-19 testing kits will be sent to Americans as part of plans to combat the Omicron variant, several reports said.

A senior administration official told reporters Monday about the plan and Biden’s speech, NPR reported. They said the kits will be sent to the people who want them, starting in January, according to NPR.

The Wall Street Journal also reported the 500 millionth.

Experts have been calling on the Biden administration to make home test kits freely available to Americans.

But White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki rejected the idea on December 6.

“Why not just make them free and give them — and make them available everywhere?” asked NPR political correspondent Mara Liason Psaki at the White House.

Then Psaki sarcastically replied, “Should we send one to every American?”

Watch the exchange here:

“Maybe,” Liason then replied, and Psaki added, “Then what happens if every American takes one test? How much does that cost, and what happens next?”

Then Liason noted that other countries are giving citizens free tests that they can take at home.

Psaki’s comments were met with criticism, including from doctors.

Free at-home testing has become an essential part of some countries’ plans to combat the virus.

In the UK, for example, people can order packets of seven test kits to their homes, which are mailed for free.

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