Social Media MarketingAfter tragedy, Montrose pizza shop uses Astroworld themes to sell pies

After tragedy, Montrose pizza shop uses Astroworld themes to sell pies

A popular Montrose pizzeria appears to be backing away from a controversial advertising campaign that relied heavily on themes from Travis Scott’s Astroworld, the Houston music festival in which 10 concertgoers were murdered during an infamous November 6 crowd wave.

Pizzaro’s Pizza Napolitana is hosting a 10th anniversary themed “Pizaroworld” party on December 4-11 at its Gray Street location, offering free slices and music. The promotional material used on her Instagram page, @pizaros_pizza_napoletana, featured space themes and roller coasters. One publication described the party as a “pizza festival event”, although Bizarro appears to be the only seller.

For comparison, this is what the Astroworld front gates looked like:

A general view of the atmosphere during the third annual Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on November 5, 2021 in Houston, Texas.

Rick Kern / Getty Images

Here’s the slogan that Pizarro posted earlier this month:

Use the pizzeria Travis Scott's Restaurant "look mommy" To promote them, referring to a Netflix documentary detailing the rapper's rise to fame.  This post has since been deleted.

The pizzeria used Travis Scott’s “Look Mom” ​​line to promote it, referring to a Netflix documentary detailing the rapper’s rise to fame. This post has since been deleted.

Screengrab / Instagram

In separate Instagram direct messages shared with Chron, a Bizarro representative defended the continued use of Astroworld as the basis for their ad campaign even weeks after the party.

“The marketing was put in place more than a year before the events at Astroworld,” the letter read. “Making changes quickly is a logistical issue. In addition, we are very sad about the events that took place at the concert but are not related to that event. The theme of this festival should not be responsible for the activities/actions of others unrelated to it.”

In a second message with another Instagram user, the response took an odd turn.

The message reads “If you wish to pay for investment changes, we would be happy to commit (sic)”. “Plus, you don’t have to attend the event. It’s a pizza party, not a concert. You should really think about making the theme of events a little lighter next time. I’m sure you celebrated Thanksgiving too. Wait for the thousands of lives that were slaughtered in order to make this holiday happen.” Did you forget it? I’m sure you (sic) are not sending hate mail to pilgrims… just by saying. It’s a topic.”

The user responded saying that their husband was a Native American and that they did not celebrate Thanksgiving. A representative for Pizarro could not be reached on Monday.

Only one post was deleted on Monday, nearly a month after the tragedy outside NRG Stadium. In the comments section of the post, and at least one post after it, several people called out the pizzeria.

On Monday, a Woman from Heights Heights who attended the Astroworld Festival said the promotion was “inappropriate”. She asked not to be identified after receiving online threats over Shaar’s appeal.

“At the end of the day, you use this for a theme in your restaurant, you take advantage of this,” the woman said, adding that she had seen disturbing scenes at the party. “I just think they need more compassion and self-awareness. It’s been about a month since then. You’ve had plenty of time to re-evaluate your marketing.”


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